Brewing Science for the Advanced Homebrewer

A two day class aimed at describing the essential brewing science underpinning the process of brewing.

This course is aimed at both inexperienced and experienced home brewers looking to increase their understanding of the science of brewing. Participants will have a far deeper understanding of the brewing process, enabling them to improve the quality of the beers they make at home.

Topics covered in detail will include;
• Brewing raw materials
• Brewing Calculations
• Brewing practices
• Yeast handling
• Beer aging
• Packaging techniques
• Beer flavors
• Brewing equipment design and manufacture
• Beer dispense
• Question and answer session

This class will take place in Middlebury, Vermont at The American Brewers Guild’s 5600 square foot, modern facility featuring a classroom, laboratory and the nation’s only full scale brewing facility dedicated to brewing education.

Here are some testimonials from students:

I sit here watching the evening football games, drinking a Drakes Denogginizer, in celebration of completing my first 100% solo recipe (a smoked Robust Porter)! I did ALL research and calculations on my own (including: malt selection and grain bill; hop selection and additions; water chemistry additions --etc). I can't wait to brew! As I reflect on the Advanced Homebrewers' course I completed on September 14th, 2015 at ABG, I can't help but feel indebted to you both. There are experiences in my brewing education during which I feel that I have learned so much, yet realized at the same time, how little I know -- Your class was once of those experiences. I can't stress enough the appreciation I feel towards you both. I know you both have invested a lot of time and effort in this program. Thank you! I look forward to our paths crossing again. Please feel free to look me up if you find you way to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Respectfully, Mark Stiefvater

I just wanted to say thanks again to Christine, Steve and Simon. I am a very new brewer with only two extract brews under my belt but I had no problem following along with the topics covered in the course. Steve and Simon kept the topics fun and interesting and were able to easily convey the content to a newer brewer such as myself. I had done some research on all grain brewing beforehand but Steve and Simon really brought it all together. I feel I am now well armed to jump into all grain I just need to figure out the right equipment for me and my particular circumstances.

Peter Hogan, September 2016

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