Our Programs

Comprehensive Brewing Diploma Programs

Our distance learning program, these courses are designed for working or would-be brewers who can’t get away! Through a combination of a web site, text books, brewer-instructors on DVDs, one week on-site at our working brewery, and, for the CBA participants, a five-week apprenticeship at a production brewery, students learn professional brewing concepts and acquire skills geared toward working in a commercial brewery or brewpub. The website includes lecture notes, video from the instructors, message boards, interactive chat, resources, student information, and exams and self-quizzes. The class proceeds on a weekly basis, with breaks on exam weeks.

The Guild offers two programs, Craftbrewer’s Apprenticeship (CBA) and the Intensive Brewing Science and Engineering (IBS&E). They follow identical courses of study for the first 22 weeks, then the CBA continues with a five-week apprenticeship. The IBS&E is offered in three flavors: traditional, working brewers, and brewery in planning. 

There are infrequent residential CBA/IBS&E programs offered on-site in Middlebury. 

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On-site Brewing and Beer Education

The American Brewers Guild’s working brewery, Drop-In Brewing, allows us to offer several short on-site programs of interest to local brewers, homebrewers, beer bar owners/managers, and beer aficionados.  These programs are short one day, weekend, or week-long courses focused on a particular topic of interest. 

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