Grain to Glass

A 7 Day Overview of The Science, Art and Practical Essentials of Producing Quality Beer

• Grain to Glass overview of the brewing process.
• Observations and hands-on training on the Guild’s full scale brewing system and laboratory.
• Structured sensory training sessions.
• The essentials of producing quality beer.
• Discussion of the brewing industry and craft beer’s position in it.
• Tours of breweries
Who should attend:

• Those primarily interested in brewing and who are looking for authoritative, informative and practical instruction over a wide range of topics related to brewing
• Brewery executives and managers, beer distributors and their employees, suppliers to the industry, restaurant and pub owners and managers.
• Those who are, or plan to be connected to the brewing industry: but who are not directly responsible for technical matters or for practical brewing and beer production.
• Those who are fascinated by the world of practical brewing but have no immediate professional interest.
• The Grain to Glass program is not designed or intended to provide the education and training needed to become a professional brewer.
Course description:
Instruction is primarily by classroom lecture using a variety of audio visual aids, but a great deal of time is spent on structured observations and demonstrations in the Guild’s production brewery and laboratory, group discussions and sensory training.

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